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Welcome to the Gallery. The images here are from an upcoming game about Space Pirates.

There are actually dozens more characters and pictures I haven't included, this is just a sampling for people unfamiliar with the work. If you want to see more here are some other links to try.


Asteroid Mining


Eldred Cruisers

Katar Fleet - New Gallery

Katar Fleet - Old Gallery

Robots - New Gallery

Space Pirates


Captain Aria Wroth

Zero-G Salvage

Katar Pilot Ejecting

Eldred Cruisers Size Comparison

Captain Aria Wroth Captain Aria Wroth

Red Elf Katar Assault

Katar Desert WarriorAsteroid Miner

Katar Assault Team

Picking a lock and running from the law

Eldred Crewman Doing Repairwork

Eldred Pirate Ship Bridge

Eldred Pirate Ship Bridge

Eldred Marine

Terran Marine

Katar Marine in Breaching Power Armor

Eldred Pirate Ship in Dock

Katar Starship Bridge

Eldred Heavy Cruiser Bridge

Holographic Compasses and Navigation Systems

Katar Weapons

Eldred Weapons

Kata Star System

Katar Homeworld

AI Robot Carrier

Coconut Crab Robot

Destroyer RobotAI Humanoid robot

Mechanical Death Worm

Transparent Assassin

Tankborn Assassin

Trogon Spacer

Monster Turtle

Eldred Light Cruiser

Cliff's Hideout

Cliff's Hideout