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Welcome to the Katar gallery. The images here are from an upcoming game suplement about a race of Spacefaring Warriors known as the Katar.

Sketches and Artist's renderings by Anthony Cournoyer

Here is a Katar warrior in traditional Desert Garb.

Katar Desert Warrior

Here is a Katar Soldier in Assault Body Armor. He's armed with a Gyrojet launcher.

Katar soldier in Assault Body Armor with Gyrojet Launcher

This is a Katar Cadet, note the young Katar has a shorter beard, and almost no mane when compared to an adult male.

Katar Cadet

This is Drogas, he runs the Military Academy on the Katar homeworld.

Drogas Headmaster of the Ibindor Military Academy

This the the Katar Military Academy, it is located in a remote desert region. The school was built around an ancient battle arena where duels of honor were held to settle disputes between rival clans.

The Katar Military Academy

Cadets train in the same techniques used centuries ago when the arena was first built. The masters are an unbroken line of teachers from the first Battle Masters of Old Katar.

An Ancient Katar Master

They train under the blistering desert sun, in the same arena where their ancestors fought.

Katar Cadets Training

Some of their sessions can get intense.

Nabbar's workout

This is a Katar Flyer, transatmospheric fighter which uses alien anti-gravity technology. It carries a mix of missiles and particle beam weaponry.

Katar Flyer

Here is a typical Katar pilot in his space flight suit.

Katar Flyer Pilot in Space Suit

This is a Katar Fast Attack ship, it is well armored and bristling with guns. The prow of the ship is reinforced for ramming attacks.

Katar Fast Attack Ship sketch