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This week we put up Galaxy Pirates Adversaries The Voidborn, 4 page PDF abut Zombies on OneBookshelf (OBS) and expect to have it up on Paizo by the end of the week. The Pathfinder compatible title will be re-released as a Starfinder compatible book after Starfinder is released.

In developing this booklet;

I spent $170 at $10 an hour for approximately 17 hours of Layout work to setup the PDF and an InDesign template for Monsters.

I spent $60 at $0.05 cents per word on writing to get the PDF ready.

I spent $30 on 1 piece of new artwork for the book

Voidborn cover art $30

Publishers will tell you that you need one peice of art per 4 pages and you should spend about $25 per piece of artwork. So I went with greyscale artwork and came pretty close to the sweet spot. .

The same logo from the before is being reused, the template should make subsequent books easier.

I see a lot of Monsters on OBS for $0.99 and I kind of expect these to be priced similarly, though at that price the quality of artwork varies wildly by publisher.

Subtotal for the book $260

Will we ever make that back, I have no idea.


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