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With the Open Call announced, lets talk about Power and Vision. In Galaxy Pirates I have things that derive their power from Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical sources, this mainly matters if someone is trying to deprive you of that power like when a Solar Flare fries your electronics.

This matters for the Open Call because I have found Darkvision equivalents for all three;

Chemical Eye Drops, likely to be priced like a Potion and dropped in the eyes not imbibed.

Prism and Graphene based Contact Lenses

I can't find the link now, but basically a group had an idea to create Night Vision contact lenses by using thin film Prisms to alter the frequency of incoming light into visible spectrum frequencies.

A different group had an idea for a Graphene based Infrared sensor to make Night Vision contact lenses. The Graphene solution does require a small electrical component.

One assumes that either of these approaches could be used to make Glasses or Visors as well.

Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles, and related technologies have been around for a while.

The idea behind the three power sources is if someone had an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) go off near all three of these Darkvision replacements only the traditional Goggles might actually be fried. This will slightly complicate your resource management, the best mix of weapons and gear might not always be the most high tech.

In the Future part of the SRD you will find references to Gadgets like Weapon Gadgets including as Scope, Scopes used to be Equipment in Modern. Scopes can be both Mechanical (traditional optics) or Electrical (video or holographic). I haven't found a Chemical basis for a weapon scope yet, there are liquid lenses that flex, but are still Mechanical Optics. I had an idea for an All Ranges scope using a Light Field camera and an array of Micro-Lenses which can be paired like Bluetooth to a Display device on the weapon, in your Helmet, on your Glasses and allow you to shoot around corners if need be. Third big paragraph from the bottom in the discussion of why weapons needed updating.


In a breakdown of today's robots and the Future robots of 2004 I decided that a lot of technologies that were parts of a piece of gear in the SRD needed to be broken up. So your Robot/Drone Controller could be paired to any kind of communications technology, a drone with a camera could be paired to any Display you have Helmet/Goggles/etc. So if your Electrical device needs to talk to something, assume that it can be paired to any other Electrical device.


The only other thing to think about is Laser Sights and Scopes in the SRD both basically replace Feats (Point Blank Shot and Far Shot) from the same sources. The Robe of Eyes replaces two Class Features (Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge) you might look into ways these devices can do what they are supposed to without invalidating a caracter Character class or character concept's reason for being.


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