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This week I am laying down the design goals for Galaxy Pirates.

Start with the Pathfinder SRD, basically the Core rules and;

Substitute; Assimar/Elves, Katar/Dwarves, Eldred/Elves, Kopek/Half-Elves, Terrans/Humans, Kaldir/Half-Elves, Slavern/Dwarves, Trogon/Half-Orcs, Voltura

Substitute; Bounty Hunter/Ranger, Engineer/?, Field Medic/Cleric, Hacker/Rogue, Marine/Fighter, Smuggler/Rogue, Marauder/Pathfinder Unchained Barbarian, Mercenary/?, Guardian/Pathfinder Unchained Monk,

Some of the power of Pathfinder Character classes is tied up in Domain, Bloodline and School abilities as long as we stick to converting Talented Classes a certain level of Power Parity should exist.

While removing Druids, Rangers and Spellcasters with Familiars; Drones and Robot companions will be a part of the game and will likely be based in some part off of the Animal Companions in Pathfinder.

Remove; Barbarian abilities vs Magic, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger Spells, Sorcerer, Wizard

Remove; Knowledge Arcana/Planes/Religion, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

Remove; Arcane Feats, Channeling Feats, Extra Class Feature for classes that have been removed, Item Creation Feats, Metamagic Feats, Magic Feats,

Replace standard Equipment with D20 Modern and Future items while retaining currency based costs and not Wealth mechanics. Add equipment from Technology Guide and Iron Gods as necessary.

Use kits to make gear selection easier, add the original d6 Star Wars Utility Belt.

Rebalance Firearms so your 1st level characters don't shoot too many holes in their starships. D20 Modern was written with D&D 3.0 standards and assumptions which means equipment sizes are not derived the same way 3.5 and Pathfinder Equipment is.

Replace Alightment with something like White Wolf's Nature and Demeanor plus personal Honor Codes for Katar.

Replace light sources from Vision and Light with modern values.

Replace Hit Point and Break DC values from Breaking and Entering with modern materials.

Remove Attack of Opportunity Triggers/Provocations that slow down people decidng where to move, basically moving between Threatened squares is fine, moving out of the threatened area still provokes. This allows duelsts to circle each other without tons of AoOs, but entering/leaving combat provides windows of opportunity. I don't care that allowing people to run right by their opponent nerfs Acrobatics, you still need to roll to move through an Opponent's space. No we will not have Feats or Abilities that add the rules back in like 5th Edition does, if it is a bad rule and wastes time, cut it. However you can still take a Readied Action to attack anyone trying to get by you.

Revise the Actions in Combat table, remove spellcasting references, figure out what you're going to call Spell-like abilities, the ones that provoke AoOs. Ensure all the Action types are covered Swift, Immediate, Reactions?

Change the Temporary hit points rule on short term Constitution bonuses, they are temporary, they do go away first, you don't die when the Stim patch is over.

Change Flanking to adjacent characters no opposite sides of a character, multiple opponents gangin up on a guy is still distracting enough, Fessik didn't say fighting people on different sides of you was hard, only multiple opponents.

Remove; Magic and Spells, but keep the Line of Effect, Cones and Blast radius stuff for Flamethrowers and Grenades.

Remove Prestige Classes from the Starter/Basic book, remove the beyond level 20 stuff.

Revise the Environment section with different Doors and info.

Replace NPC classes with Modern/Future equivalents, possibly revise NPC generation with some quick NPC builder stuff. Add writeup on scaling NPCs similar to those in the NPC Codex.

Magic Items the crafting rules stay because so many technology effects are similar to Magic and there needs to be a way of baselining them into the cost of the game and creating them, crafting needs fixing though so PCs aren't using months of downtime to create suits of armor.

I want to rework D20 Modern's Starship and Robot construction rules, harmonize all Equipment Modifications/Gadgets and ensure that Robots and Starships all get tech from the same source.

Reworking Star System and Planet generating tables and charts with current star and planet population numbers not known when most of this stuff was written for Traveller in the 1980s.

Other projects;

Warship Builder's Guide for ships from the age of sail, will borrow some from Buildings and Organizations from the Ultimate Campaign, Corsairs, Fire as She Bears, vehicles from Ultimate Combat, the hundreds of actual ships in my Excel spreadsheet. Goal is the ability to create a custom ship based on known realistic ships, crew numbers and other real world data.

Starship Builder's Guide same as the above but for spaceships, spacestations, and starports.

Katar Racebook, covers history, homeworld, racial traits, weapons, power armor, starships, military academy, home star system with maps and planetary information. Lots of this is done.

Eldred Racebook, Eldred Cruisers with ship renderings and floorplans, add in history of the Eldred and Slavern war as well as the Colonial Fleet, the battle for the homeworld and the Eldred's unexpected allies as well as compulsory military service following the war. The Academy doesn't have a floorplan or year by year progression that the Katar academy does.

Kopek Racebook, basically what it means to be a sentient robot that was designed to kill all living things, the Awakening where the Kopek rejected their programming. How Kopek procreate, salvaging parts from other machines.

Adversary Voidborn, a detailed and playtested 28 days after style Zombie for use in Moden and Futuristic settings, contains rules for iconic zombie fighting weapons and some new weapons from the future. Would love to have this available before October. May want to ahve the imagers recolored or just leave them as is. Draft still requires a Fireman's Axe image to be created.


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