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All of the Galaxy Pirates books released so far. All are available at DriveThruRPG, many are available from

Book 1Enlightenment was our first book and and contains armor and weapons for the Galaxy Pirates setting.


Book 2 Voidborn are space zombies that inhabit starship graveyards and the sites of old space battles.


3 Sparks are small lizards with a little something extra.


4 Heavy Fighter, originally developed to the example fighter in a chapter about air combat maneuvers, the Heavy Fighter was released the same week as Starfinder and has been one of our best selling starships.

Heavy Fighter

5 Interceptor, also released the same week as Starfinder, you can see some of the design process for this fighter in our art design articles. A high selling fighter in its own right.


6 Eldred Light Cruiser, the Eldred Cruisers all come complete with stat blocks and deckplans.

Eldred Light Cruiser

7 Heavy Cruiser, the Eldred Cruisers all come complete with stat blocks and deckplans.

Eldred Heavy Cruiser

8 Tankborn Assassin, imfamous galactic assassins complete with stat blocks at 6 different challenge ratings from 4 to 20 to challenge your party.

Tankborn Assassin

9 Katar Freighter, small freighter with interchangeable cargo module.

Katar Light Freighter

10 Katar Gunship is designed to carry lots of soldier or soldiers and their ground vehicles to the fight. Has one heavy armed variant.

Katar Gunship

11 Sensor Readings, what does your science officer detect, yuo open the core book and look at the scan rules then the GM mumbles about the stat block. Sensor readings are pre-determined scan results for all of the starships in the core rulebook laid out like Monster Knowledge checks.

Sensor Readings

12 Katar Heavy Cruiser, the modular Katar Cruisers are all built on modular engine and missile launching compartments. Once you've chose those, the bridge section and sensor section are added to complete the vessel.

Katar Heavy Cruiser

13 Katar Fast Attack vessel is a modular cruiser with heavy engines and light but strong fittings everywhere else.

KAtar Fast Attack vessel

14 Katar Light Cruiser, built with modular components this light cruiser is just the thing for system defense and patrol duty. Standard missile launch compartment, standard engineering section, sensor and bridge areas.

Katar Light Cruiser

15 Eldred Pirate Cruiser, the Eldred Cruisers all come complete with stat blocks and deckplans.

Eldred Pirate Cruiser

16 Katar Mining Freighter, modular ore freighter with a towed array of cargo modules.

Katar Mining Freighter

17 Katar Heavy Freighter, exactly what it says on the big bulky tin, you want to carry a lot of cargo around the galaxy, this is your ship.

Katar Heavy Freighter

18 Viscious and cruel, the Slavern are a menace on the face of civilization.


19 Cryo Destroyer, uses its power over freezing cold to annihilate all life in the galaxy.

Cryo Destroyer

20 Plasma Destroyer actually the first Elemental themed destroyer we did art for.

Plasma Destroyer

21 The Lightning Destroyer kind of breaks the mold a little bit, it carries a rifle, not a cannon and otherwise does things differently than other destroyers laid out so far.

Lightning Destroyer

22 Pirate fighter, first of the Stock Art starships and the new Ships with Stat blocks and variant stat blocks model, so you get 5 or more playable starships for one low price.

Pirate Fighter

23 Water beast, inspired by a number of different creatures in real life and in fiction, the water beast is a good challenge for your characters.

Water Beast

24 Strike Fighter, unliek the Pirate Fighter, the Strike fighter was designed for corporate security and military forces.

Strike Fighter

25 The Eldred Classic Cruiser, a blast from the past in Eldred space, this ship was the backbone of the fleet5 int he war and all post war patrol missions. Comes complete with Stat blocks and Deckplans.

Eldred classic Cruiser

26 Heavy Dropship

Heavy Dropship

27 Katar Marines, still in develpment this book details stat blocks for 5 low level Katar soldiers and their equipment, as well as 5 high level power armor soldiers and their equipment.

Katar Marines

28 Trogon Cruiser, the Old Empire has many cruisers surviving from antiquity, their prowess engineering high energy laser weapons is legendary.

Trogon Cruiser

29 Alien Carrier: with all of the space fighters that we've introduced, we needed a starship carrier for them to launch from. Contains one version where all of the fighters are remote controlled from the carrier via computer control modules.

Alien Carrier

30 Bounty Board, still in development the bounty board is a book of NPCs with Wanted Posters and stat blocks for each criminal at 5 diffeent challenge ratings and a suggested bounty at each CR. A new book inspired by actual play reports from the community.

Bounty Board

31 First model destroyer, at the vanguard of the invasion, there are no special forces, but builders that will prepare the way for the main invading force.

Destroyer Model One

Dozen Starships Bundle, as I watched the sales over at DriveThruRPG, people would just buy all twelve of our original starships in one go. The bundle was designed to make that easier for people and save them a little money in the process.

Dozen Starships bundle


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